This is the place to come for news, calendar dates, lyrics, interviews and releases of Riley Godleski.  Riley is a multi-stylist drummer, vocalist and songwriter in Northampton, MA.  He has performed with groups of many different styles and a plethora of contrasting venues.  Whether on stage or in the studio, Riley has performed extensively in Jazz, Rock, Pop, R&B, Funk and Folk genres.  He currently performs with multiple groups in varying genres and draws influence from many sources.

Photo by Julian Parker-Burns

Photo by Julian Parker-Burns

[1.14.18] Drum Sessions For Riley's Next Album

"I'm happy to announce I've begun working on my second release: Look Out Below!  It's shaping up to be a much more straight-ahead Rock 'n' Roll record than my last release Tumble Child (2016).  I couldn't ask for a better recording team to be working with: Jeff Lynch and Eric Arena.  I hope to have a couple special guests featured as well.  More to come!"

- Riley

[12.12.17] The Colorway 'These Are The Days' Sessions

"I just spent last weekend tracking drums on the latest 9-song album for Colorway.  The first snow of the year happened the first day of our session and it was all the more cozy at the Spirithouse Recording Studio seeing the snow encasing us out the window.  Working with Danny Bernini was a wonderful experience and Julian Parker-Burns came by the studio to get some great pictures (below are a few).  It's a true rock record with soul and heart to match its grit.  It was a pleasure to be a part of creating.  Look for the upcoming release: Colorway - These Are The Days."

- Riley


Interview with Riley by Middle Tennessee Music

Middle Tennessee Music conducted a candid interview with Riley Godleski about his musical direction, influences and songwriting style as well as his new release with Unearth Music, 'Block Tower'.  He also talks about what it means to be an artist in these times.  Read the full interview.

Music is essential to me and I realize that so much more of our true experience here as humans can be communicated through it than through any other method of communication. And it brings all types of different people together that would otherwise never meet. What’s more beautiful than that?”

Riley Godleski


New Release From Daisy Skelton

Click the cover to listen!

Click the cover to listen!

Daisy Skelton, a New York based R&B/Pop artist just released a new EP called Pardon Me.  It features performances from Mitch Chakour, Cliff Schofer, Brian Rodrigues, Alex Chakour and Riley Godleski. 

Riley Godleski - Tumble Child (2016) 
Available now

Riley Godleski - Tumble Child (2016) Available now

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