This is the place to come for news, calendar dates, lyrics, interviews and releases of Riley Godleski.  Riley is a multi-stylist drummer, vocalist and songwriter in Northampton, MA.  He has performed with groups of many different styles and a plethora of contrasting venues.  Whether on stage or in the studio, Riley has performed extensively in Jazz, Rock, Pop, R&B, Funk and Folk genres.  He currently performs with multiple groups in varying genres and draws influence from many sources.

Photo by Julian Parker-Burns

Photo by Julian Parker-Burns

Riley's Writeup On 'Tumble Child' [5.16.18]

Riley opens up about his EP, Tumble Child, and talks about what influenced the songs, how they were tracked and the meanings of the lyrics in this short essay.  Read the full text by clicking the link below

Tumble Child - A Healing Adventure

For me, Tumble Child (the EP) was an epic spiritual journey of transformation. It brought out all my most fragile feelings and made beauty out of them.”

Riley Godleski

Riley Godleski - Tumble Child (2016) 
Available now

Riley Godleski - Tumble Child (2016) Available now

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